How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Company For Your Needs

Solar energy powers about 18 million American homes. With the cost of solar energy dropping 70 percent since 2014, it’s becoming a growing source of energy. Now is the time to search for the best solar panel installation company! 

When searching for solar panel installers, there are a few things to know, including checking online reviews, inspecting their work, and meeting with the company. Once you feel comfortable, you can be well on your way to harnessing the sun’s power!

Check Online Reviews

Check if anyone wrote reviews about solar panel installers. 

Online reviews can tell you many things about a solar panel installation service, including professionalism, timeliness, and service. Those writing about solar panel installers are often very frank and are not shy about giving opinions

Others may write about how well the panels work. A review of the solar panel installation service can also tell you how well they explained tax credits for your project. 

Inspect Previous Work

Ask the company that installs solar panels for a list of their former clients. Take a ride to each of the properties to see each job. Onsite inspections can help you determine if you like the placement of solar panels on a roof or in a solar field. 

When you seek out the previous work of solar panel installers, ask to speak to the actual customer. You can inquire about any cost overruns and customer service issues

Meet With The Company

There’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting with a solar panel installation company. It’s your chance to ask any questions about the project in your home. Human communication also gives you a feel for the company’s demeanor and its likability. 

When you install solar panels on a home, it can cost up to $25,000. Meeting with the solar panel company can help assure you money is being spent wisely. 

In-person meetings will help you understand net metering, which is the process of selling back unused solar energy to the power grid. The utility company will pay you for what you don’t use! The solar company can show you how to calculate utility savings.

Ask About Warranties

Find out how long solar panels and the equipment the company will install at your home will last. If something breaks, who will pay for the new equipment?

Ask to see — in writing — the different warranties for each item.

Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

When choosing a solar panel installation company, there are several things to do, including checking online reviews and inspecting previous work. Also, meet with the company and ask about product warranties.

An online search of solar panel providers will get you several results, but you want the best company for your situation. This simple advice can help you avoid the pitfalls of a bad installation process before making this significant home investment.