How to Choose the Right Tea/coffee Vending Machine for Your Office?

Adulting is hard. We are constantly on the move, hustling, and trying to get through the day with the same energy. A moment of peace and an instant boost up is what we all look for between our busy, chaotic lives and that oh-so satisfying sip of coffee or tea is the only thing that does the trick. It gives you that instant energy boost you need to get back to your work and even be productive. A coffee/tea vending machine is one of the easiest ways to access your cup of coffee/tea. Corporates, be it hostels, airports, malls or even train stations, have all incorporated the culture of stationing coffee/tea vending machines, making it easier for people to get their cup of chai/coffee without hassle. 

While there are many types and brands of coffee/tea vending machines available out in the market, its essential to choose one that’s right for you. But which one to choose? With the global vending machine market projected to reach $146.6 billion by 2027 and the various advancements such as touchscreen technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and cashless payments, vending machines are becoming as sophisticated as smartphones. In this competitive market, choosing the right tea-coffee vending machine and a reliable manufacturer can be challenging. How do you make an informed decision amidst these technological innovations?

Points you need to clarify before buying a coffee/tea vending machine

  1. Ask about their knowledge or experience in the field

This should be your first question to any supplier. As in most industries, experience or/and knowledge is a crucial asset in the vending machine business. A company with a longer track record will likely have more refined skills and knowledge, enabling them to address any future issues with your vending machine effectively. When speaking with a potential supplier, always delve deeper into their background, expertise, and their passion for the field. 

  1. What are the types of coffee/tea variants the Vending machine can brew?

There are different types of vending machines in the market. There is generic, where regular type of coffee/tea is brewed. These vending machines are available in all the shops. Specialized ones that can churn out different brews and types of coffees/teas and the quality of beverage which only a smart vending machine supplier can provide you with. 

For example, Brewtal can brew various tea/coffee variants and provide quality beverages. There is no one size fits all products here, there is a favourite variant brewing for every coffee/tea lover. 

So, before you decide on yours, make sure you ask your vending machine supplier about the type and model of vending machine they provide and the kind of brews it can give you. 

  1. How user-friendly is the coffee/tea vending machine

The most important factor is the ease of use of a vending machine. Ask your vending machine supplier about the instructions that need to be followed to use the machine as well as steps needed to be taken to keep it clean and good as new, and in optimal working condition for a long time. Make sure that the coffee/tea vending machine you choose is easy to operate, fast and automatic, if possible, as they don’t need a lot of effort or instructions to be followed. 

  1. Where will you be placing your coffee/tea vending machine? 

This may seem not so important, but trust us, it is. And a smart vending machine supplier would tell you the same. For example, if you place your vending machine in a conference room, you may not be able to make use of it to its full potential, but if you keep it in a break room, there could be a larger traffic attracted to it, and can work its full potential, and made the best use of. 

  1. Price of the machine and cost of installation

If you are looking for a long-lasting premium quality coffee/tea vending machine, the cost may be higher than you could anticipate. Depending on the size, quality and automation of the model the prices can differ greatly. But do not fixate your idea of buying one solely on budget and do think about the long term use and benefits it could provide you with. Make sure you ask your vending machine supplier about the installations costs as well. 

  1. What are their servicing policies and warranties? Do they do their own servicing? 

You must be able to call up your supplier and get a quick response if the vending machine is facing problems or needs servicing. So, when you choose one, do ask the supplier these questions?

  • What are the servicing and maintenance policies?
  • How much warranty they provide?
  • Do they do their own servicing?
  • Do they service at all locations? 
  • What are their Turnaround times when it comes to servicing or repairs?
  • Do they have a policy of exchanging the coffee/tea vending machine if relevant? 

 Understanding whether a company outsources all technical services that come their way or has in-house technicians for any trouble offers insight to how important they consider the best maintenance for their operations. 

  1. How good are their customer relationships? 

The experiences and stories of previous customers with the provider can help you evaluate how good your experience with them would be. You can talk to the tea coffee vending machine business about their existing clients and corroborate their experience directly with the said clients if possible. A simple search for “vending machine near me” can actually help you get to the reviews that clients have left for these vending machine providers.

Treat yourself with the best one.

Not all tea and coffee vending machines are alike, nor are the manufacturers. If you’re overwhelmed by the long list of options and searching for the perfect vending machine for your office, pick the ones that pique your interest and follow the guidelines above to seek out the best smart vending machine supplier in India among the many available manufacturers.