How To Find A Career You Are Passionate About

Are you at a crossroads in your career? Maybe you are advancing to a higher grade or switching positions or are generally unsure about what you’re doing in life. Well, you are in the right place. Many people often look at their career trajectory & ask themselves ‘What is my passion?’ or more specifically, want to find a career that they are passionate about. As you might know, finding your passion is not an easy task. With so many options to ponder on and choose from, it can be quite challenging! Let’s have a look at how one can go about this – 

How To Find Your Passion

Read on ahead to know more about finding your passion, more specifically, your career passion: 


Not only when looking into your career or passion, but a look inside yourself ie. self-assessment is an important part of any process related to finding something about yourself. We suggest that you take a bit of time for yourself & understand what it is that you truly want from your life. Ask yourself questions like – what are some of my favourite things? What kind of work brings me joy? What is the outcome that I am looking for after joining a particular stream or career? What makes me happy? Though it is not essential to have the answers to all these questions, with just a few of these you can map them out yourself. So before you try to find your passion, sit with yourself & understand just basic things about yourself. 

Your Primary Needs

After you have completed a basic self-assessment process & have a few ideas & thoughts cleared out, the next step should be to identify your primary needs in life. These are some essential things you believe you can’t live or survive without. It can be something basic or significant like food or family or money or status etc. To get here you have to dig deep & understand what brings you joy. Ask yourself deep questions like – what’s my end goal? What do I want from life? Can I survive without family or fame? As this is a personal journey, not all questions here might seem valid to you, so create your questions. 

Creating A List

Now comes the simple task! You have crossed two of the hardest parts of the journey of self-assessment of yourself & your primary needs. These may keep changing in life & so will your outlook on passion & more. But the next step after this is to create a list. These lists are essentially just a physical version of the first two steps. The first list must be the primary things you need in your life. Some of the things you can’t or don’t want to live without. The second list must be of all the things you need from life. Jot everything down, even the vaguest idea or a feeling that you have. This will help you in the next step that we are heading to. 

Research And Analysis

The next step in the process of finding your passion is a bit of self-research & analysis. You have already mapped out your needs, aspirations & essentials in life. You have written them down. Now you have to get online or ask a friend, this part of the process is to look outward to see what specific career trajectory. You need the career you are passionate about to also be a real one! So you need to research, look at your skills & see what fits the brief. You can make another list! Look at some of the careers that you find & see if you can pursue them. After you have done your research, you need to go a step further to analyze whether you should get specialized training, learn more, change paths and so on.  

Career Counseling And Assessment

A step that’s truly essential to this process that a lot of people miss out on is – Career Counseling. Think of it like cooking an egg, you might cook it well but a Master Chef, say, Gordon Ramsay, will do a better job & cook a near-perfect egg. While it’s important that you do your soul searching & research, reaching out to a career counsellor & taking a career assessment test is essential. This is so that you can be sure! They can ensure that you not only find a career you are passionate about but also a career that takes you far in life, one that you enjoy, one that you earn well in! Don’t skip out on this step! 

Now that you have all the right information & tools to find out a career you’re passionate about, we wish you luck & hope that it all works out for you! Choose a career that you love & you will go far & do well in the world.