How To Keep Yourself Fresh And Energized While Working From Home

The coronavirus pandemic has confined all manner of people into their homes, but among those who’ve seen the most drastic change in their day-to-day lives are corporate employees. Since the pandemic broke out, they’ve been working from home. While this has supposedly helped productivity, and some companies want to continue it even once the pandemic is over, it has also led to burnout, and some employees report feeling more stressed than before. But there are ways to make sure that working from home becomes both productive and enjoyable. Here are some ways you can keep yourself fresh and energized while working from home.

1.Take breaks

It’s important to take breaks. Working from home can mean back-to-back meetings, long hours in front of the computer and many exchanges with your colleagues, but it’s important to tear yourself away from your screen at times. This happens organically in offices with events, and with colleagues who come over for chats, but it’s important you replicate this while working from home. Step away from your laptop once in a while.

2. Play games 

It can also help to lift your mood to play some games while at your desk. You can play any casual computer games. They not only improve your reflexes and concentration, but can also help you feel refreshed. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try an online casino in India, where you can try out your luck. Companies like ThisWin enable you to play fun games. These are secure platforms, through which you can win money and have fun at the same time . Making some cash on the side while working from home can’t hurt!

3. Get some sunlight

Being cooped up indoors isn’t great for your health either. You need sunlight to make Vitamin D, and being indoors all day can leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Go for a walk, or spend some time on your balcony. Make sure you look at some greenery. You’ll feel the work at home blues melt away, and you’ll be able to return to your work energized and refreshed.

4 . Exercise 

Better still, exercise. Take some time out everyday to work out. You can either work out in an open space in your home — yoga and light cardio works best here. Or you can do exercises while seated at your desk — that’s also a good option to get a light workout. Giving your body a small workout will enable you to be even more productive and effective.


It can also help you to cook lunch. While working in offices, most people end up ordering their lunch, but being at home can help you eat some delicious home-cooked meals. Home cooked meals are not only healthier than meals ordered from restaurants, but cooking can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. It will get you away from your laptop for a good half hour, enable you to create something with your hands, and also give you a meal to enjoy and savor later!