How Using A Storage Company Can Help Your Startup

According to statistics, 90% of startups fail. And 10% of them fail within the first year. It is not a great indication if you have a business idea and are in the launching phase. But having a place to store your inventory can solve most of your problems.

That’s why many business startups are using storage companies instead of renting space. Understanding the needs of new entrepreneurs, storage companies, too, are willing to help them.

Here’s how storage services are benefiting startups:

  1. Cheap Storage Space

In the early phase of any business, not all business owners can buy or rent a shop or warehouse. So, where would startups keep their inventory if they are selling a product?

That’s where storage companies are helping startups. They offer cheap and unlimited space for as long as they want.

  1. Safety of Inventory

Startups can’t afford to be hit by natural disasters. You can’t do anything in case of a flood, and it will invade your shop or warehouse. But not in storage houses. Since storage houses are supposed to handle million-dollar inventories simultaneously, they are much more equipped to deal with such circumstances.

Furthermore, there are no chances of theft. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your inventory is protected by security guards, alarms, locks, and much more.

  1. Easy Access for Immediate Order Fulfilment

If you’re starting an e-commerce store, you would want to keep your inventory at a shorter distance from your place. Or preferable in your home so you can ensure timely shipment.

Storage houses let you access your inventory any time of the day or night. Secondly, most of them have multiple branches in the same city. So you have to choose the nearest one to keep your inventory.

If you’re looking for a similar service, go for storage in Portsmouth from BYSTORED. They offer special discounts to startups and provide numerous perks over other storage companies.

  1. No Advance Fee or Increment in Fee

When you choose a typical storing space, like a shop or warehouse, you have to deal with advance payments. And the moment your business starts thriving, the owner of that place will ask for his share in the form of rent increment.

But that’s not the case with storage services. They have fixed monthly charges, and they don’t increase them so frequently that you find it out of your budget.

  1. No Time Limit

At times your marketing strategy backfires. Or you don’t get instant sales. So taking care of your inventory becomes a problem. Since storage companies offer cheap storage spaces, you don’t have to worry much about the monthly cost.

Secondly, they don’t ask you to leave the occupied space after some time. You are free to keep your inventory there as long as you want to. And thus, you can focus on your sales strategy rather than worrying about your inventory’s safety.

  1. No Order Fulfilment Cost

If you have chosen a customer-friendly company, you can ask them for some favors. Like, they can hand over your product to a rider or someone fulfilling orders from your end. This way, you won’t have to visit the storage place repeatedly and do everything manually.