Ideas For Games for Office Teambuilding

A team that is united and works well together is way more productive, effective and successful. Oh, not to mention a lot happier and relaxed about work. But we all know that in order to get to such a state, you have to really need careful planning and organization in terms of team building activities. In order to make sure you avoid those situations when the activities proposed to get more rolling eyeballs than high-fives, here are a few ideas that might help you with your next teambuilding.

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Zombie Escape

The Zombie Escape game is excellent for practising problem solving and collaboration between employees. You will only need a key, a piece of rope, some puzzles and some clues. You can just gather the team in the conference room and lock the door. Then choose one member of the team that will play the zombie in the room. Then he will be tied in one corner of the room with only 1 foot of freedom. In the opposing corner, the rest of the team will have to solve the chosen puzzles in order to escape and find the key to survive.


Airbands Battle

For this awesome exercise, you will only need some speakers and a smartphone. This idea is inspired a bit by what Jimmy Fallon does in his show but this takes things to another dimension. You need to split your group, forming teams of 3 or 4 people. Each of them will have to choose a song and perform the lip-synced version of it. After each performance, they will be scored and the winner gets a formal prize.


The Shrinking Weasel

Another exercise meant to boost creative problem solving between employees, the shrinking weasel only requires a rope or any other material that can be used to mark a perimeter on the floor. Get your team and put it inside the delimited perimeter and then, gradually shrink the space. The trick is that they need to think fast and keep everyone inside the perimeter at all times. It’s an awesome exercise that will really create strong and durable bonds between employees.


Trip to the Casino

This exciting teambuilding exercise has the goal of increasing collaboration and teamwork for your employees. You will have to get some casino prop, like a roulette table, blackjack or even some toy slots and then, give a few chips to one person. The goal is that the others must help him in with any means possible to beat the dealer and not lose the money, otherwise, the entire team has to buy drinks afterwards. 



All you’ll need for this teambuilding exercise is an empty room and some stuff from around the office. You can use chairs, boxes or even water bottles to create an obstacle course in the room and then divide the group into pairs. One of the partners will be blindfolded while the other must guide him from the other end of the course. The goal is to get this partner all the way through the course without setting off any mines using only his or her voice.


So, there you have it! No more boring teambuilding exercises from now on. There are a dozen other exciting games and tricks you can apply to have a strong team.