Keeping Up Employee Satisfaction And Productivity

With the economic crisis we experience today, companies need to have satisfied and productive employees. When employees are generally happy, they become more loyal and engaged. And when this happens, the company could enjoy a lot of good things including higher profit.

Though it sounds like an easy job, aiming for employee satisfaction is hard work. There are a lot of factors that make an employee happy and this includes the workplace. Below are some nice tips for keeping up with employee satisfaction and productivity.

Fun zone for employees at the Cafeteria

Make sure the Environment has live Green Plants

Nature has a certain connection to people and it makes them feel good. Workers who see plants in their workplaces tend to work better than those without. When you are in nature, like seeing the mountains and trees, it makes you happy. This will be a similar scenario when employees see plants or flowers in the workplace. It helps a lot in their thinking process.

Though pictures or murals could be a nice alternative, as much as possible, try investing in live green plants. You’ll immediately see the difference.

Office Coffee Service

If coffee is not yet available in your company, then now is the right time to invest in an office coffee service. We are already aware that coffee is an integral part of the work culture. When we do something like our work, a good cup of coffee is an excellent companion. It keeps employees awake and focused. 

And if your company has a night shift, the more reason to get one!. During these hard times, surprise your employees with a nice coffee machine. They would surely be grateful for it.

Offer Healthy Food Choices in the Cafeteria

If you want to have productive employees, you need to provide them with healthy foods. Healthy people have higher levels of energy, good mood and better capacity to do their work. Do not just let the people in the cafeteria decide what they want to offer your employees. You need to encourage them to offer healthy foods to improve employee satisfaction. 

Make your Company Family Friendly

Balancing work and family time is a big stressor for employees. And this high level of stress is not good for their productivity. Thus, you need to make your company family-friendly. If you want to improve employee satisfaction in your company, you need to consider this. Do not just think about the welfare of your company, consider your employee and their family as well.

You can do this by allowing workers to take time off especially for school events for their kids, allowing them to stay at home when their children are ill and offering vacation days

Doing the simple things mentioned above would effectively show to your employees that they are an essential part of the company. And these investments show that you value them and they would somehow reciprocate it with good work performance. When your employees feel that you care for them, they would surely be more productive and would even go the extra mile to help the company grow and succeed.