What Is It Like To Work At A Startup?


Working in a relatively new company has its perks.  Although people are happy to be part of something that has potential, it is undeniably true that many doubts follow the idea of working for start ups. A few people are concerned about their financial safety and security, while others would simply rather hide behind the name and the prestige of an already established company.

Working for start-up businesses has a few advantages and disadvantages. To some, the pros outweigh the cons. It all depends on the individual and what he is looking for.

Working for a start up, what you need to know:


  1. You have to be ready to work.

Unlike in bigger companies where several people might get the opportunity to do one thing, a person might find that he is the only one doing a big chunk of work. Its desirable, if you are willing to put in the hours and learn. The only problem is, your large input might not reflect in your paycheck. This point undoubtedly scares many people away, however, for the few who are resilient, they tend to reap much better rewards in the future.



  1. Your happiest moments are not limited to your paycheck.

My first point bring brings me to this very point. Working for a start-up company, especially for young budding game changers with a creative and explorative mindset, means being part of something bigger. Every little milestone is celebrated as if it is a huge victory. Teamwork is encouraged, and these small companies tend to feel like families. In certain start-up companies, the work atmosphere is laid all the way back, in order to allow the inflow of fresh ideas from many of the workers.


  1. Change, change, change everywhere.

Constancy is not the strongest point of a start up. Many changes occur, from the leadership to the very foundation of how the company is run. Some of these changes are not exactly pleasant, and people might end up looking for faster ways to earn money, due to the inconsistent nature of the job. 


  1. Mentorship, hard work, and pioneerism

The no-name boss that you see only once a month, with a frown on his face twenty-four seven is definitely not a normal feature with start-ups. With start-ups, you get to see these pioneers hard at work, and if you are lucky, you might just land yourself a mentor. This is because people tend to work closer with their bosses in these smaller establishments. The chances of learning something useful during the work period is very high. Interns and new workers are pushed to their limit as they rack their brains in order to find solutions to very real and pressing problems.


Being in a place of direct influence on the future of a small company is indeed daunting. However, a few people have managed to learn the ropes and excelled in ways that makes them a more valuable addition to the corporate world. It is a great idea to consider working with a start-up, but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted. The great news however, is, you will most definitely reap the fruits of your labour if your team works hard enough.