On-Page SEO Checklist: Things You Must Not Miss

To help your website gain maximum visibility, you need to leverage On-page SEO in order to attract the search engine and get your page to rank higher. Top SEO company in Bangalore, Mumbai & other big metropolitan cities make sure that all the checklist associated with on-page SEO is being adhered to prior to making the page live. There are different factors that you need to check to ensure that you are able to pique the interest of the search engine. These are things that you have full control over so here is an important on-page SEO checklist that you should not miss out on.


Getting the Right Keyword 

SEO companies first make sure that you have the best keywords instilled in the particular page. The experts ensure whether or not the keywords comply with the content description. Moreover, the search volume of the keywords should be significant enough to generate traffic to your website. They also check whether or not your site has authority to rank above its competitors above that keywords. 

 Select one Primary Keyword for the Page 

When you are filtering out the keywords, pick one primary keyword to focus on each page. You can build an editorial calendar for content and assign the main keyword for each page. Additionally, the top SEO company will also make sure that a primary keyword is not re-assigned to another page content on your website. If you are not careful, it may result in keyword cannibalisation where search engine gets perplexed which of the page is more important; therefore, none of the pages ranks. 

Include Keyword in Your Title

The top SEO company ensures to include the primary keyword in the title. This is important to attract search engines as well as audiences. Keyword in the headline will help search engine and readers understand what rest of the content is all about.

Keep The Content Over 300 Words 

The word count of your content differs on the core purpose of the page and the significance of the topic. But as per the top SEO companies , pages should have over body content of over 300 words. If possible, try to make your content up to 800 words. This is because long-form content with detailed information is more likely to rank higher. 

Be Unique 

The SEO companies will leverage the help of professional writers to craft personalised and distinctive content. You should never copy the content, which is already published on your site or other websites. You may get penalised for doing so, and it will adversely impact your websites rank. Always make it a point to create high-quality content that can provide relevant information to your readers. 

Additionally, when you write, be aware of the kind of audience you are addressing. You do not want to confuse readers by adding complex information. The goal is to make readers understand in the simplest way possible. 

The way you manage your on-page SEO has a significant impact on your website ranking. Above are some factors that should always cater to on all your pages.