Planning to Call a Repairman for Your Office Fridge? Inspect These 5 Things First

Having a fridge in the office is useful. It lets your employees store their work meals, and even allows for having chilled beverages when the weather is hot. But office refrigerators can break down, the costs soon add up. Food spoils quickly, and food can be ruined in hours. This alone sets you back, but when you factor in the cost of a repair person or even a new fridge, the bill rockets.

Before your fridge even has the chance to break down, there is a surefire way of avoiding this financial calamity. More and more Indians are turning to rented furniture to meet their furnishing needs. You can rent air conditioners or pick up a fridge on rent easily enough, and the best part is you are not financially responsible for breakdowns or maintenance. This is one way of keeping repair costs down.

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If you can troubleshoot the problem yourself, you will likely save yourself a tidy sum. Here are the first 5 things to inspect if you notice your fridge isn’t as cool as usual, before you reach for the phone and call a repair person.

The Light

Does the light come on when the door opens? If it doesn’t, this could be indicative that your fridge is not receiving any power. Check it is plugged in. If it is, it could mean that the fuse has blown and needs replacing, or the wire isn’t working as it should. Both are easy fixes and don’t require the skills of a repairman.

The Thermostat

If the light is on but the fridge isn’t cool, it may be that the thermostat has been turned up without your knowledge. If it has, you simply turn it back to the desired temperature. If it hasn’t been altered, it may mean that the thermostat itself isn’t functioning. You can pick up a new thermostat fairly cheaply online and fit it yourself. If the fridge remains warm, it is time to call a repair person.

Clean the Condenser Coils

On the back of the fridge you will find some metallic condenser coils. These need to be kept clear to prevent the fridge from overheating and to help dissipate heat. If there is a build up of dust and air cannot flow freely between the coils, it could be causing the fridge to overheat.

You can clean these coils by running a vacuum over them and removing any build up of dust. Unplug the fridge while you this, then plug it back in when you have finished. Wait ten minutes and see if the fridge is noticeably cooler.

Check the Seal

If the door cannot create a seal around the refrigerator box, the cool escapes and heat can get in, causing the inside of the box to warm. To check the seal, place a sheet of paper between the door and the box and close the door. Then pull out the paper. You should encounter some resistance if the door has been able to form a seal. If it hasn’t the paper will come straight out.

Replacing the seal is also an easy fix and can be done with some adhesive and replacement seal. Hotmelt’s PUR adhesives react with moisture in the air to create a stronger bond as it cures.

Inspect the Drain Tube

The drain tube sits under the evaporator coils and diverts water into a pan underneath the fridge. This also helps dissipate heat. Any obstruction in the drain tube could cause the fridge to overheat and stop functioning.