Is It Possible To Edit PDF Format Files?


Editing documents is not a big hassle for today’s generation. You might need to do this at your startup, or in your corporate office. But yet, editing a PDF format document still seems like something only a magician could do.  In reality, it’s just not as available as editing a word document, excel, google documents and other. However, editing PDF documents is not a troubling task, and it might come in handy for your future activities.

If you are reading this article, then you have a PDF document that you need to edit. No matter the reason, there are plenty of PDF editors that can help. But when there’s such a demand, a great wave of supply comes in, meaning that PDF editors are everywhere. So to answer the question this article’s title asks, yes, there is a way to edit a PDF file. You can do it all by yourself, online or offline.


First, you need to find a PDF editor

What is it that you need to do with your PDF file? Merge several one of them? Split the big PDF book? Is your PDF file too large and needs compressing? Are you just looking for an option to edit several words, delete some, and blank the logo? Or solely want to convert other file formats to PDF? There’s nothing a modern PDF editor cannot do.


Decide if you want to do it online or offline

Some people want to use a PDF editor one time and get done with it. It’s obvious that not everyone is working on documents daily. They might come across a few PDF files that they’d like to edit, or maybe even combine. An online PDF editor is the best solution for this case.

For people who constantly work with the documents, offline solution (also known as a desktop version) is the best one to try. For many reasons, a desktop version is helpful. You won’t need to find that one handy PDF editor online every time you want to edit your document. Plus, no need to worry about internet connection and speed if you are in a hurry.

There’s always Adobe Acrobat for this job

We didn’t mention Adobe Acrobat at first, because it’s a paid solution. The Internet is swarmed with free PDF editors, but if you prefer to find a solution that best suits you, we need to mention Adobe Acrobat too.

Acrobat gives you a chance to open the file in it and then edit it the way you want to. You can resize the text, images, and other components. It’s a little hard to master program. It comes with a free 7-14 day solution that you can use, but the free trial doesn’t include its’ full potential.

Editing the PDF format files doesn’t seem so black-magic related now, does it? There are plenty of solutions online and offline to go with. Once you find the one that best suits you, there’s no way you will have a messy PDF document, weirdly built resume or a file with a different logo than yours.