How To Promote Your Business Offline

We get it — it’s the 21st century, and things are moving online. Business, especially those which run over the internet, look no further than their own backyard when they want to promote themselves. They run AdWords ads, Twitter influencer campaigns, and social campaigns on Facebook to market their prodcuts, and spend a pretty penny doing so.

Digital campaigns, though, are often a hit-and-miss. Competition for audiences in fierce, and you aren’t always sure if you’re really reaching them — Facebook once claimed it could show ads to more Americans in the 18-34 age group than the entire US population in that age bracket.

But there’s a way to reach audiences that might be under our noses that’s getting ignored. It’s existed forever, and given the current disproportionate focus on digital, can prove to be quite effective.

Offline advertising might not seem sexy, but can still pack quite a punch. Depending on your business and your target audience, you can use the following means to advertise your business offline.

1.Hoardings: You might think this is something that’s only the purview of Fortune 500 companies, but hoardings can be a pretty good way to target your audience. And it’s even better if  your message is creative and targeted. You don’t need to plaster your city with your ads — just a few creatively positioned ads can do the trick. For instance, if you’re selling a product office-goers will use, you can have your hoarding positioned near an office hub in your city.

how to market your business offline

2. Mobile hoardings: Why have your ads remain confined to one spot? These creative hoardings are designed to be carried around. They’re lit up, mobile, and will attract lots of curious glances. And you can have your representative walk around in places that your audience frequents. Will pack a much bigger punch than a generic banner ad.



3. Postcards: There’s still a certain charm about receiving an ad that you’re able to touch and feel. Postcards can be customized according to what your audience will connect with, and a creative, well though-out message can go a long way. These postcards can either be mailed, or handed over to customers personally. 

4. T Shirts: It might seem overdone, but T shirts can still be an incredibly effective way to market your business offline. You hand them over to your employees and customers, and each time your employees wear it, they turn into a moving advertisement for your company. As with other forms of offline advertising, being creative will help — a clever message can be a conversation starter and a great way to get leads.

how to market your business offline

5. Posters: Posters are still a great way to reach your audience. Know where your audience hangs out, and put up posters there. Running a pet-related business? Ask your local vets if you can advertise your business on their premises. Running a heath foods business? Ask your local gym. This is the sort of laser-focused targeting that even Google and Facebook can’t provide. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions before you put up any posters though, and don’t deface any property.

6. Knick-knacks: You can distribute custom schwag to people around you — this can be pens, letterheads, or other items that people use. The results might not be instant, but you’ll be slowly building your brand — you can create a pretty strong subliminal bond with someone if they’ve used a pen that has your brand’s logo on it for a while.

7. A giant airplane banner: And if you want a sudden burst of glory, take out a giant airplane banner ad. Nothing will be more effective than seeing your brand name emblazoned across the sky at a beach or a sports event. It won’t be cheap, but it’ll build buzz like few other things can.