Rookie Entrepreneur: How to Successfully Start Your First Business

Starting a business is difficult, particularly if you have no one to turn to. The technicalities are easy to cover while insider tips are harder to find. That’s what we are here for.

The idea

The easiest way of starting a business with a lot of zeal is by doing what you like. However, before you jump straight into it, you need to do your research and define it. One part of the research is meant to tell you whether there is a market demand for what you want to do. If the answer is yes, perfect! If the answer is no, adjust your original idea to meet the right requirements. Also, check what your competition is doing and whether you would be able to fight it. It will help you develop your strategy. Knowing exactly what it is the market needs, will help you create solutions to satisfy the needs.



Once you have defined the range of business activities you can do within the niche, stick to it. The very begging is the time for an adjustment, but it is also time to focus. Do not invest your time and resources into covering everything that comes to your mind. You should start with a few basic services. The rest of the services you had in mind should be a part of your plan for the future. That can be a direction your business will take. Instead of waiting for the right moment and procrastinating for months, put your foot down and start the business.

Brand identity

I am sure you know which market request you have the answer to. Try envisioning how that can improve the life of your customers. Have a clear picture of which qualities you are bringing into their lives and make those qualities a part of your brand identity. Apart from the vision and goals, you should also invest in your business’s visual identity. This is something you should moderately splurge on. You cannot expect to start a business with second-class visuals and be remembered. Even if the audience remembers you for something, it won’t be good.

Get out there

You will need an aggressive campaign to make your business noticeable in the vast sea of other businesses. Be present both online and offline, distributing your efforts based on the services you provide and who you want to offer them to. Social networks are a powerful tool and they can help you reach audiences of all ages and walks of life. Even if you decide to pay to be advertised, social media can bring you more than a local TV commercial, and they cost much less. Alternatively, for a safe start, pair up with a business from your niche. It could use your services to successfully outsource a portion of their work.

The setup

The way you set up your business is also important. This tends to be overlooked by those who are their business’s only employee. There is nothing too difficult about it, but you need the right source of information. Hire legal and accounting services to assist. Linleobeak use their accounting experience to advise fresh entrepreneurs that correct bookkeeping and tax filing can save them a lot down the track. Not only that it can keep the money within the business, but it can also save you from paying unnecessary penalties due to faulty accounting. Also, make sure you pace yourself. Do not be too ambitious and hire a lot of people. Start the business on your own and outsource, rather than hire.

During the first year, every move can be defined as a make-it-or-break-it move. A lot of people find this stressful, but the key is in channeling the stress. Do not let yourself burn out but use the source of the stress as motivation. Act ambitiously and strive for greatness. Even if you fall short, it will still be good.