Starting A New Business? Here Are 4 Ways To Make It Look Bigger

Starting a new business is an exciting and potentially lucrative time. Hopefully, your business will go from strength to strength and make a lot of money. The odds, however, aren’t in your favor if you don’t look the part. Consumers want businesses that are reputable and professional, not firms with three employees. Yes, the size of your business will have an impact on your success regardless of the precautions that you take. The obvious question, then, is how do you do business? After all, you are a small business! The answer is to make the company look bigger than it is, and here are a few tips.

Invest In A Professional Website


The first thing that clients and customers do is go to your website. They want to know more about you, and your site is the best place to start. What they find there will dictate whether they want to do business or dismiss you out of hand. As a result, it is important that you create a professional site that looks the part. Sure, you can use WordPress and create a decent site for free. But, WordPress is a warning sign. It means that you can’t afford to invest in a web host and that you are a tiny firm. The alternative is to hire a designer and a host.

Change Your Address

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A good way to show the world that you are serious is to invest in business premises. Quite simply, small businesses don’t invest in premises because they are expensive. The problem, though, is the cost. You probably can’t afford to hire offices, which means you can’t go down this route. What you can do is rent a professional business mailing address as a second option. All of your mail goes to this address, and that address isn’t a home or residential address. It is a commercial address that looks as if you have a fleet of offices. Better yet, it isn’t a PO Box. People are catching on to the PO Box trick, so a mailing address is much more likely to work.

Get A Logo


For some reason, there is a myth that only the biggest and most successful firms have logos. Of course, it is nothing more than a myth. If you want, you can go out and get a logo in a matter of hours. Still, most small businesses don’t, and that is something you can exploit. Whether it is right or wrong, the fact that you have a logo will make you look like a player in the industry. Customers, clients and peers will see it and assume that you are a big deal. As long as it looks good and relates to your brand, it is a cheap and easy way to look reputable.

Dress To Impress

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You and your staff are a reflection of your company. As a result, people will judge your appearance and make judgments about the company too. So, if you look shabby and casual, they will assume the same of your services. What you need to do is look sharp and professional. It might sound silly, but people do place a lot of emphasis on looks and it’s important to look like you mean business.