Technology 101: Choosing The Right Intercom For Your Office

Intercoms are like webcams outside to your doorstep, lobbies, public areas, or any interior because intercoms are very flexible, as they can be attached anywhere and everywhere. Intercom has two uses; the users can have videos using built-in cameras and audio through microphones. Depending on your choice, you can have the video or audio alone, but you could also have the two options. But it will all tie down to security and efficiency reasons. The better the choice of brand, the better service. Intercoms’ level of Flexibility could cover many tasks and assure you more. If you are hesitating to purchase it due to budgets and preferences, rest assured that there will be a wide range of different types of intercoms. Here is the ultimate guide to office intercoms

Top Things To Decide Before You Acquire Intercoms 

1. Cost

Budget will always be the first thing you will think of because investing your money in a good thing could be tricky, but it could save you from stress in the long run. So, know your budgets as intercoms’ prices vary depending on the features you want. 

2. Wireless or Wired Intercoms

Indeed, two options are available, depending on your liking and personal reasons. If you want your intercoms on the desk tied up and connected to the receiver, you could have wired intercoms. If you choose to have it wireless, this is more efficient as it can connect to your phone. So, it would help if you found out whether you are always out or always at your office

3. Audio or Video Intercom

A telephone is required when you choose to have the audio feature, which will be another additional cost. Hence, audio features are perfect for those who need regular but quick communication. On the other hand, Video Intercom is the use of cameras, which will be more ensuring for the users. The camera will provide an overview of whoever is on your lobby or doorstep. 

4. Level of Flexibility

We want to use the best available services for our future intercoms, so when you are in the deciding phase, always ask the management what other features you can get. Like can it be connected to your phone? Or can it be combined, not just on the phone? Since we will not always stick to one place, we must have this feature available. This feature is easier and more efficient for you and the caller’s end.

5.  Acquiring the Fallback Intercom Calling Feature

This fallback intercom feature is a lifesaver when you are out or unavailable as you can connect it to the second person available, like your neighbor next door. They can attend to the query as efficiently as 1,2,3. Swiftlane is one of the best-quality management that offers this feature. 

6. Data Security

Security should always be part of your thinking. Ask yourself, Does this intercom assure all the security and safety? Your choice should have different security methods like pins and all verification methods to strengthen protection. 

7.  Intercoms with Schedule-Based Calling Feature

This feature is essential as it is like creating a boundary for everyone. This feature can be set up and can only accept calls from visitors from a specific time. 

8. Intercoms with Employee Access Feature

This feature is very flexible and must be present in your office. Permitting your employee to have access is an efficient way. In access, it has many options through it can be face recognition, pins, keycard, and many more.

Then the list goes on as there are many things that you should look into and consider. Lastly, to have the best intercom, always do your research from credible sources and sites, like blogs and other video reviews. After that, purchase the best office intercom and share your experience with others.