Things People will not Tell You about Starting a Business

These days, every person that you come across is an entrepreneur. We all tend to have an idea about how a startup is going to be like. You already know about the benefits, the hardships, and the challenges you have to face. However, like everything, there is always going to be some things that you won’t know about till you lay the first stone. How about we give you an inside glimpse? Here are some things people are not going to tell about starting a new business.


There are Great Highs and Lows

Running a startup is just like riding a roller coaster which doesn’t stop. You will have happiest moments which great profits and it will also come with certain lows. There are times when you will have to spend sleepless nights thinking about how to bring out the best of your business. It is important that you celebrate even the smallest achievements.

Sales are not the Measures of Success

The two most important questions that you need to ask yourself when you start a business is are you helping others and if you are paying yourself a reasonable wage. Keep in mind that it is okay not to make much money as you first start the business. However, if you have been at it for long and yet not have been able to enjoy a decent turnover, you don’t have a business but a hobby. One primary thing to remember is sales is only the revenue that you are bringing in. The profitability will depend on what is left after deducting the cost of service or the products used. People who are new to the business might factors in stuff as the material cost but these are little things which add up and kill the profit margin.

Starting a Business Needs Perseverance

You might have already heard about entrepreneurial burnout. This can happen to people who are highly passionate about what they are doing. Hence, you can imagine how swiftly you can burn out if you work on something continuously without pay and which is found to be monotonous. You need to be passionate about what you are doing.

Be it games or business, to earn money and success, you need passion. In case you are unable to be passionate about its subject matter, you can concentrate on the effect and various other benefits provided by the business-like flexibility and freedom.

Years of Success or Fancy Education doesn’t Guarantee Success 00 information does

When it comes to a business, you can simply come out of nothing and become wildly successful or be born with a silver spoon and yet fail miserably. You have money doesn’t mean that people are going to buy what you are offering even if you are just a jerk. Again, taking hundreds of classes isn’t going to prepare you for a situation which you can face while doing business. What you study is theory and not real life.

Arm yourself with information

This is the age of information. Starting up is a bit of a gamble — you don’t know how your company will do. Check out Y Combinator’s Startup School, and podcasts like Andreesen Horowitz’s a16z and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale. They’ll teach you everything to know about how your startup will do, and give you ideas on how to maximize its odds of success. 

Sites for business information will tell you how to run a business, the mistakes to avoid, tips to increase profit, and much more. You can also take advice from people who are experienced. Doing business has nothing to do with being unqualified. In fact, you might be in a better position than people who dive into it thinking that they know everything. Business is all about offering a product or service that customers want and not what you feel they want or require. Billions of dollars have been lost due to this hubris and an uncountable number of businesses have failed for the same reason. To run a business, you need to be a good listener and someone who is willing to take a feedback.