Tips On Office Social Etiquette

Proper etiquette is very important in a workplace setting. Understanding how to treat people with courtesy and politeness can mean the difference between success and failure in your career. You must be able to identify and abide by the rules and codes that govern your social behaviour and interaction with co-workers.

Fun zone for employees at the Cafeteria

Certain unprofessional disposition that can make you lose vital opportunities.

Sometimes, it can lead to embarrassment when the other person can no longer take in your excesses. This is why it’s very important to maintain a mature poise that others can rely on.

Why is office social etiquette essential?
The most obvious reason why you need to “keep it professional” is because anything less than that can affect your morale and productivity. An awkward poise can push people away from you and even rob you of growth opportunities.

On a general note, bad manners lead to strive and sentimental preferences among employees which in turn reduces the productivity of the company.
With this in mind, here are the most important tips on office social etiquette that will make you shine in any organization:

Avoid awkward silences at meals
When going out for lunch with a co-worker, always have some casual topics that are nonbusiness to talk about. This may be the perfect time to discuss other interests not related to your career. 

Be patient when waiting for staff
Always make it on time when you’ve lunch with a colleague. And when staff is taking too long, be kind enough to wait no matter what happens.

Maintain eye contact
Whenever you’re talking to a colleague, endeavour to make eye contact. Keep you eyes fixed on the person most of the time and only look elsewhere when you really need to do so. When you don’t focus enough during conversations, the other person may think you’re not taking him seriously.

Stay away from gossip
Gossip can easily stir up strife among workers-you don’t want to be part of it. So make up your mind not to gossip with or about another co-worker. Don’t forget, when you you share another colleague’s personal matters with a friend, there is every chance your so-called friend will also start thinking about what you are saying behind her.

Attire and Perfume: Don’t overdo it
When it comes to the kind of clothes and perfume you wear to work, try not to over do it. Some of your colleagues may be allergic to strong perfumes while others may feel irritated. So, try to use something mild. If possible, don’t use at all. And always be conservative in your clothing. The attire you choose should always be something appropriate for the moment.

Avoid taking personal calls
In order not to disturb others, avoid picking calls to your mobile phone when at your desk. Even if it’s necessary, make it very quick so as not to draw attention.

Stay away when terribly sick
Don’t go to work whenever you’re feeling too sick, especially if the sickness is one that can be easily transmitted to others. But this doesn’t mean you should take the day off every time you have a running nose.

Stay calm when handling growling customers
Never raise your voice when talking to a growling customer, whether on the phone or in-person. No doubt, it’s tempting to shout back; after all, nobody likes a jerk. But doing so can make things worse. Instead bite your tongue!
Remain calm and listen without interrupting. Let them “vent” and get all the complaints out. When they’re through telling their story, then reply calmly and softly with a solution.

Also important
Don’t be late for meetings and never interrupt a conversation except when there’s an emergency.It is better not to eat at your desk.

Praise others when they do well and don’t use other people’s belongings without their consent.

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