These Are The Top Indian IT Companies By Revenue

Inflation, or no inflation, IT companies continue to rule Indian employment scenario. We have profiled the biggest IT companies earlier, this time we focus on the top Indian IT companies by revenue. These companies appeared among the top 60 in ET 500 companies. While the major leaders continue to be big names like Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance and Tata Motors, 5 of our leading IT companies made it to the top 60. Without surprise, Tata Consultancy Services made it to top 10 with considerable increase in profit, while companies like Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Tata Steel faced plunged.

  1. TCStcs revenue

Indisputably, the leading Indian multinational IT service, consulting and business solutions company tops the list. As of 2016, their revenue stands at INR 111700 crore and increased by 13.55% than the previous year, making TCS one of the top Indian IT companies by revenue.

  1. Infosyinfosys revenue

The Bangalore headquartered tech giant Infosys provides IT services and business consulting and the largest employer of H1B visa professionals in the USA. Increased by 15.54% than the last year, Infosys’s revenue is INR 65569 crore.

  1. Wiprowipro revenue

Wipro is another Bangalore based IN service provider company with INR 54096 crore revenue. The company has demerged its non-IT businesses into separate companies in 2013 to increase its focus on IT solutions. Their revenue has increased by 9.51% as a result.

  1. HCLhcl revenue

Another leading name in Indian IT industry, HCL is a IT consulting, outsourcing, engineering and enterprise information firm based in Noida. As of 2016, HCL’s revenue┬áis INR 42235 crore and it was increased by 11.61%.

  1. Tech Mahindrarevenue

Based in Pune, Tech Mahindra is a renowned IT services, networking technology solutions and business process outsourcing provider to telecommunication industry. The company is a part of the Mahindra Group. Increased by 19.02%, Tech Mahindra revenue is INR 27051 crore.