Top Online Courses in Business for Students in 2021

Most universities are still coping with the consequences of the global pandemic. They try to remedy such a situation using remote studies and video conferencing methods. But some top online business courses still offer one of the best options for aspiring students in 2021. What makes it beneficial is a chance of studying remotely in Berlin or London while technically not being there. But your final diploma will be recognized beyond your country of residence! 

Here are some interesting options to consider: 

  • Business Strategy Course at the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. It’s a six-week-long course that introduces strategic thinking as well as business analytics. You will develop your logic and learn how to apply various innovative business technologies. It will include its share of writing tasks as you proceed. Therefore, it is worth considering the best college paper writing service to stay safe and deliver each assignment on time. It can seem a bit challenging at times. Yet, take one step at a time and focus on your grading rubric guidelines.
  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing at the University of Maryland. You may take this course for free, which proves that there are great options one can take for trying things out. Still, a certificate that you receive requires a certain fee. All things considered, you can learn how digital marketing works by using the EDX platform. What makes it good is that it focuses on mobile devices, internet sales, social media, and more.  
  • Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting at MIT Open Courseware. It is a real course provided by professionals at MIT with a focus on financial operations and management. You will have accessible lecture notes, video lessons, various tests that you will have to complete. What makes it especially good is that it deals with finances without turning you into an accountant. That is why you will learn how to write a perfect business essay and present your information correctly. Most importantly, you will understand all processes that usually run in the background of financial operations nowadays. 
  • Business Law Fundamentals at Harvard X Online. If you have some background in the field of legislation or would like to see how the business contracts are made, try this course. It can also be free of charge if you do not need a certificate. It is taught by Harvard’s Law professor, so it’s a chance to learn contract law from the best in the field. There are both basic and intermediate levels depending on your skills. 
  • Financial Leadership at Harvard Business School Online. While it is not cheap, it is aimed at business professionals. Thus, it will fit ideally for those students who want to continue with their business studies or already have some background in the field. It also includes a final Capstone project that you must complete and requires an admission essay. If you need some help with keeping things unique, consider checking the Writing Universe to learn how to put your ideas in writing and avoid plagiarism risks. We are dealing with Harvard after all, so one should be ready for challenges and hard work! 

How to Cope With The Challenges of Online Learning? 

Without a doubt, earning your business degree remotely can be challenging. You must attend every video session and cope with a list of assignments that must be done on time. The trick is to record the lectures using your relevant mobile apps. Also, cooperate with other students for clarifying things before you start with any task. Do not procrastinate, and always plan your tasks according to your strength and resources. If you need some rest, allow yourself to take your time. But when you are able to study, do your best! 

[This article is written by Mark Blackwood. Exploring innovations, changes, and challenges in the field of education worldwide, Mark loves sharing his discoveries and recommendations. His posts are like small guides that help you to save time and obtain valuable information. Follow Mark to try something new and succeed! ]