Is TV Today Better Or Worse Than 20 Or 30 Years Ago?

The TV industry has been turned on its head over the last few years. Thanks to the proliferation of OTT networks, consumers are now more spoilt for choice than ever before. The quality of our TV broadcast has been improving by the day. In this modern era, we have got a plethora of options, as a form of cable subscriptions. This has increased the demand for cable subscriptions pay. The nature is risky because of the payment distortion, where some subscribers pay and other ghosts out. Actors now see TV as a kissing-cousin of the film-making industry. This means that the best deserving talent matches the nature of the project itself. With all this glooming, the news industry is wrecking on the verge. 


It is right to observe that the TV network was better in the early 90s — the best local provider of cable services gave local news and national interest channels, neatly packaged in a bundle. . This gigantic change for American Television encompassed numerous shows based on diversified topics. The exploration was massive and real, with loads of efforts. Modern media majority of time comprises a replica of an original idea or with new channels emerging every day, the syndicated networks, and longing hours, there is too much to fill from. 

Today we have gazillions of options available to watch as compared to yesteryears and that too a tap away on our phones, gadgets, computers, and TV screens. All thanks to the internet connections, the data, and the bandwidth we get today. While mentioning the TV and how it’s better in today’s era, it would be unfair if we overlook the kind of services Mediacom internet, Xfinity Cables, and Spectrum internet and cable providers to their users. Providers like these are a handful in the country though but the quality of the content and internet service is unmatchable too. 

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As per my research, I believe that this change was made around 2000. Here are the reasons:

– There should be better writing of scripts when it comes to season, stories, series of any genres with a respectful yet informal chunk in the dialogue. Modern media is full of slang and disrespect. It is advised to use better character development and dialog.

– Acting before 5 – 10 years span was much better, it was more prototypical.

– The filming techniques improved, this is a good sign. 

– The special or technological improvements have increased budgets with better soundtracks

There is dim praise, the TV shows were not as wealthy and humorous or craft 10 years ago as it is now. Few of the shows are still watchable, but not all of them. This does not mean that previous innovations are ignored. Absolutely not! The innovations are an envelope to modern tech. It is appreciated that the change is not a daily process but a gradual process, with several structural changes in the market that affected it. This includes DVD sales, DVR/TIVO as well, the placement of product, TV demographic changes, Cable TV growth, as well as digital media. 

The impact is levied on the dramas, reality TV shows, games, comedy sections, etc. (but except for news). Speaking of that, reality TV shows are a new paradigm to the comedy yet dramatic formats. Indeed, even widely appealing shows and comedies compare well with the best stuff 10 years back. I’d put up with that the same number of high-caliber, “watchable” shows come out every year these days than turned out in the ’80s ’90s.


It was unique. The ’80s had much more experience type characters who wander around helping others. Regardless of whether it was a nonconformist like Michael Knight, a private agent like Magnum PI, a cop like Hunter, or a researcher like McGuyver. Yet, the ’80s wasn’t without its incredible dramatization. Hill Street Blues and St. Somewhere else was presumably comparable to any dramatization we have on TV today. Comedies were constantly revolved around a family. A dramatization in the 90’s simply based on the shows from the ’80s, cops, hospitals, courts.  

The ’90s saw the passing of the experience show (RIP). These sorts of shows kind of transformed with the court dramatizations, so rather than a character roaming around the USA, he helped individuals by protecting the poor or accusing the evil in court. Comedies totally drifted core interest. Rather than the family, it was about single individuals and their companions. Regardless, I’d state there’s more variety in the modern world.