Using Online College Rankings and Reviews

Many students looking for a college to attend do their research online. When looking at websites, there are many rankings and reviews that give students information about the college, campus, and instructors. As with any piece of research, you need to use a platform you trust if you want the best results.

If you are looking to take on a specific degree and need help figuring out where to turn, then school and college reviews are some of the best places to look. Just remember that no review is perfect and that there is always a chance of bias in even the most well-constructed site – you need to use your own judgment to determine which colleges are right for you.

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Why use online rankings?

Online college reviews are invaluable for getting a general overview of a school. Even the most barebones online college rankings are a great way to get an overview of the schools you are interested in and can help you narrow down your options if you have too many colleges to choose from.

Using rankings like this allows you to quickly compare colleges at a glance, either with overall ratings or by judging individual parts of their total score. Different platforms rank and review colleges in different ways, but within every platform, the college ranking system is usually consistent.

This means that you can see how each school stacks up against its peers, allowing you to find the best of the best while still limiting yourself to college options that would be practical for your course needs. With some careful searching, you might even find reviews from academics that used to work there.

The only caveat is that these rankings and reviews only account for certain parts of a college experience. If you care about the size of a school, whether there is a strong or not-so-strong athletics program, and so on, then you will need to read other sources to figure these things out.

How to Find Online College Reviews

It is not that difficult to find sites that host a treasure trove of different college reviews, but you still need to use some common sense when looking at what they say. For example, you might end up finding a bias towards a particular college or even stumbling across paid reviews on blog sites.

Instead, go for platforms like These provide effective ways to see a full breakdown of what a particular school can offer based on information from both students and academics, as well as general research. Being able to narrow down your criteria also provides you with a way to create an online list for specific degrees rather than having to compare colleges as-is.

Thanks to platforms like this, it is extremely easy to narrow down the list of colleges you are interested in attending, making absolutely sure that the only remaining options are the ones you are genuinely considering. From there, it is a simple matter of comparing them all to find the one that offers you the best college prospects, facilities, or general quality of education.