Vulnerability Assessment and Pentesting Company – 4 Important Facts

If the process of VAPT and its different methodologies weren’t already difficult, then finding the perfect VAPT company definitely is. After you’ve painstakingly researched vulnerability assessments, VAPT, and methods of testing, then it’s difficult to be satisfied with every other Joe. Factors like skills, experience, adaptability, after-service and quick thinking are all crucially important.

In a currently booming market, VAPT companies in India are worth millions, both demand and supply have increased exponentially under cybersecurity concerns. At least 55% of small and medium-sized companies have suffered some kind of data breaches, making periodic VAPT the oxygen kit of survival. Along with this, compliance requirements have increased in quantity and quality, causing the typical VAPT company to be more in demand.

Why Do You Need VAPT?

Vulnerability assessments and Pentesting  play an important role in increasing the strength of the organization against frequent cyberattacks. A VAPT company usually evaluates the strength of the system’s response when faced with simulated attacks so as to supervise, tweak, and control any data breaches. The attacks closely resemble a real hacker’s attempts to find the weaknesses in the business, resembling a vulnerability assessment.

A verified VAPT company, or an internal testing team, uses the mode of ethical hacking to explore the organization’s critical systems from a real perspective. 

An ideal combination of vulnerability assessment and VAPT ensures that you both find the vulnerabilities with technical tools and exploit them with human skills. An example of this is when the VAPT company uses social engineering-based attacks to try and access sensitive data and other out-of-the-box security issues.

Who’s an Ideal VAPT Company?

Now, we come to the more difficult process of refining the search process for an efficient VAPT company. Of course, we would want someone who knows what they’re doing, is efficient, and openly communicates – but is that all?

  1. Makes safety a priority

    Sometimes, when the VAPT company proceeds with the procedure, they have to make changes to the system or cause forced intrusions. Even when it’s a simulated attack or simply uncovers the vulnerability, these acts may cause permanent changes to the organization’s infrastructure that are not so desirable. Moreover, does the VAPT company have trustworthy employees who won’t compromise data protection? Are background checks and security procedures conducted on them regularly? Pentesting teams have access to a company’s innermost secrets and functioning methods, so consistent vetting is key.
  2. Always keeps updated on the latest techniques of pentesting

    In the field of cybersecurity, no practice or technique stays constant for long. This process of constant evolution and upgrades should also be followed by the VAPT company. They should make sure to offer different services to cover a wide range of security issues and testing methods, including using the latest tools.

    Companies might use different platforms and networks to conduct their business, and accordingly, different security techniques and testing methods need to be used. Another way to ensure updated services and technology is through certifications, following industry rules and regulations, and researching commercially to identify the latest tools in their arsenal.
  3. Initiates open communication

    Outsourcing to a VAPT company opens a two-way channel of communication and trust. Your chosen provider should always be available for queries and concerns, follow accepted standards of VAPT, and prepare detailed agreements. They should provide a statement of work with details of the testing methods to be used, the time limits, tools used, potential privacy breaches, and expectations. It is then your duty to check that all these details correspond with the requirements of your organization’s security strategy.

    You’ll need to verify the time period decided upon for the official testing process, the systems that will exclusively be tested upon, all of which can be mentioned in the Rules of Engagement (ROE) document (check this document for a sample ROE document for medical services in the USA). During the final stage of reporting, all recommendations must be clearly stated with the purpose and implications for the business. Any VAPT company should be able to provide samples of their written documentation regarding such requirements.
  4. Has liability insurance and a good reputation

    There is additional reassurance if the third-party VAPT company provides liability insurance. It ensures that they’ll provide basic standards in data security and quality of testing approaches. In the worst-case scenario of data loss, they’ll be able to remedy the situation and cover the implications.

    It goes without saying that you must do adequate research to ensure that your chosen provider has a good reputation with other clients. It is always recommended that they show proof of adequate experience combined with a good track record since VAPT is a complicated and sensitive affair.