What 5 Benefits AWS Consultancy Brings To Your Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud platform offering database storage options, content delivery, computing power, networking, and other functionalities to help businesses scale up. As a business owner, you only get to choose your ideal tech solution and only pay for the service you use. If you are a small startup running a tight budget, however, it can be costly to hire a full-time, in-house team to handle the technical aspects of the AWS cloud computing offerings. And that’s where an AWS consultancy comes in. 

As the name suggests, AWS consultants use their knowledge and skills to help customers onboard the technical aspects of the Amazon Web Services cloud computing solutions. 

In this article, we are going to look at the main services provided by AWS consulting partners, the main benefits, and how you can hire an AWS technology services provider.

The Main AWS Consulting Services

AWS consultants utilize a unique working methodology pegged on Amazon’s AWS consulting requirements and best practices to help businesses adopt technologies rapidly and efficiently. Some of the services that they can help with include;

AWS Architecture Development

Are you looking to develop a new cloud-based? Or simply want to migrate your legacy software systems to modern modular and microservices? Then it’s certainly a good idea to have a certified AWS architect services provider on your team. 

Along with that, they will also help you on several other aspects of your project including the technology, cost, knowledge, and level of organization, ensuring they perfectly gel with your AWS architected framework.

AWS Engineering

AWS Consultancy firms can also help develop, maintain, and improve the AWS cloud infrastructure for your apps. Whether it’s developing cloud-native apps with AWS Amplify, cloud migrations, and setting up data lakes in the cloud, they will help in every step of the development process.

AWS Security

When it comes to developing data applications, it is critical to pay attention to security, privacy, and information. For small business startups, however, it may be impossible to have experts specializing in AWS network security. But with the help of an AWS startup consultant, you’ll get access to professionals who are knowledgeable on various AWS Security solutions including Cognito, Key management service (KMS), and Identify Access Management (IAM). Along with that, they will help organize other security-related things such as access management, encryption, network security, and authorization. 

AWS Data Analytics

As a business owner, developing a data lake, a data warehouse, or a data streaming app in-house is more cost-efficient compared to having it done elsewhere. A good AWS services provider will help develop data analytics solutions using big data platforms such as Kinesis, Glue, Redshift, and EMR. 

AWS Migration

A certified AWS data migration consultant has the skills, experience, and expertise to rescue the turnaround time, avoid pitfalls, and minimize downtime as you migrate your applications and data to the cloud.

AWS Cloud Management

Once your data and applications are up and running in the cloud, it is equally important to have monitoring systems. An AWS Services provider will offer monitoring, performance, security, maintenance, and cost control services. And depending on your service provider, these services may vary from ad-hoc support to long-term service level agreements.

Benefits Of Using an AWS Cloud Consulting Partners

Whether you are a small business or a large multinational corporation, there are many benefits that come with using an AWS Cloud consulting company. They include but are not limited to;

Cost Saving

The most obvious benefit of using an AWS Cloud consulting company is its cost-saving aspect, especially for SMEs. Unlike large multinational corporations, small businesses don’t have the luxury of having large budgets. By working with AWS Cloud consulting companies, these SMEs can access high-quality cloud knowledge, all without having to permanently add more people to their payrolls.

Vetted by AWS

By using an AWS solutions services provider, you get to know that the architecture used in your projects is fully vetted by AWS. better yet, the underlying architecture used by every consulting company uses a standardized process, eliminating possible mismatches.


AWS services providers offer flexible e-commerce and storage solutions, allowing businesses to scale upwards or downwards depending on the prevailing needs.

Centralized Cloud Troubleshooting

Working with a certified Amazon Web Services consultant also helps eliminate the hassle that comes with managing multiple teams and contacts. Thanks to a centralized point of contact, you can contact your partner for assistance or even plan future cloud strategies.

Final Thoughts

In today’s highly competitive digitized market, every business needs to keep tabs on the latest trends and utilize the latest tools and services to remain competitive. As an entrepreneur, Certified AWS consultancies will help your business by providing excellent support to drive unhindered growth, enhance your online reputation, and generate more profitable returns.