Where to Find Help to Kickstart Your Business

So, you have had a fantastic business idea, and have a notion it might just succeed. But what do you do now? People have excellent ideas all the time, but few of them ever get them out there into the open. The trick is, of course, to start moving as quickly as possible, and turn your thoughts into a reality. Without any experience, though, it can be a tough thing to do. You will need help to start your business – and not just money from an investment. Here are some ideas of where you can find the right kind of advice and assistance.

Friends and family

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The first place you should look is at your close relations and friends. Does anyone you know have any experience of running a business? If so, lean on them. They can provide you with valuable advice about starting a company, marketing, and a whole lot more. Plus, of course, it’s completely free – and they will always be there in the future if you have any problems.


I tend to take online advice with a pinch of salt. On the one hand, there are plenty of Internet tips and great ideas to grow your business and start a company. But, there is a lot of misinformation, too. Your best bet is to find reliable and reputable sources and stick with them. While Google is getting better at spotting facts from fiction, you still can’t trust every search result. But, for free advice and information, the online world is a good place to get some of the basics.

Join a local business hub


Intending to fly solo with your business idea? If so, you might want to think about joining a local business centre. They are great places for meeting other people in a similar situation as yours. You will find people with experience that you don’t have, too, which can lead to some great advice – and maybe even a partnership.

Contact local organisations

There are plenty of local institutions that offer excellent advice for anyone starting a business. Startup Australia, for example, and many others, will all give you some great hints and tips. Many of them run business events, too, where you can start networking and getting some genuine feedback about your ideas.

Visit the government website

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All governments around the world rely on the innovation and hard work of small businesses and startups. They bring in a lot of money from taxes and help boost a nation’s productivity and GDP. Because of this, they put a lot of money into providing information and advice – and you can find it on their website.

Search for an industry mentor

Our final point is a vital one. You can get all the help you like to turn your idea into reality, but you also need a little industry guidance. There are many people out there who offer new businesses advice and consultations, to make sure you are going down the right track. Don’t just go with the first person you find, though – make sure you research their credibility first. Good luck with the idea – and get help if you need it!