Why Is Packaging Wholesale Worth It?

It is not just about the product anymore, presentation matters a great deal. We offer affordable and practical packaging deals to entrepreneurs and companies who wish to ship their products in big quantities and at the best quality. Packaging wholesale is the best choice if you want to package thousands of your product iterations at an affordable price.

A wholesale deal is safe

With All In Packaging, wholesale always comes as a contract, so you are always safe. If you wish to order for example 30.000 plastic boxes, then we sit down, devise a contract and iron out the details in order to comply with everyone’s needs. Packaging wholesale is the only viable option if you are looking to shop tens of thousands of a certain product at an affordable price. You can find exact prices on our website including wholesale options where you can get a 10-15% price reduction depending on the product.

Some of our packaging options are only available wholesale, so contacting us is always wise. The wholesale contract is easily understandable and provides ample protection and guidance for both parties. Plastic box wholesale is one of our most popular services, as a great deal of products are being shipped in plastic containers every day. Plastic is universal, cheap and durable enough to be the number one candidate for packaging. Depending on your product, you can choose other packaging solutions as well and packaging wholesale deals still apply.

It is not just about the product

Product packaging sends a strong message. It shows that you as a manufacturer care about design and presentation, not just the product itself. This is especially important with cosmetics and beauty products where the packaging is usually more expensive because it is usually glass or acrylic. Wholesale orders are especially beneficial in cases like this where even a small price difference can become enormous in big quantities.