Accenture India To Allow Workers To Donate Leaves To Colleagues

If you’re an Accenture India employee and are running short of leaves, you only have to look as far as an generous colleague for help. In an interesting workplace policy that has been rarely seen before in India, Accenture is allowing its employees to donate their excess leave to their colleagues who may need it in times of crisis.


“It emerged as a result of many of our people wanting to assist colleagues who needed extra leave on account of a medical emergency or personal problem. Many people did not avail of their leave fully by the end of the year. This offered us an opportunity to address both situations,” says Manoj Biswas, geographic unit HR Lead, Accenture India.

This idea has already found traction among progressive companies abroad. Google allows its employees to donate leaves in the US, but this benefit hasn’t yet been extended to its India offices.

Accenture has implemented several groundbreaking workplace policies in the recent past. Earlier this year, it had famously done away with performance reviews for its employees, which had been seen as a bold step for a company its size.