Amazon Goes Eco-friendly; Will Use Cycles To Deliver At Short Distances

India’s e-commerce revolution has meant that its cities are now see delivery boys whizzing about by the thousands, negotiating dense traffic on their motorcycles. But while the e-commerce boom has provided consumers with never-before choices at incredible discounts, it has also put a strain on its cities’ already-strained infrastructure. Pollution is becoming a big issue too in metros, with governments resorting to extreme measures to bring spiraling air particulate values under control. 

Under these circumstances, Amazon’s experimenting with cycles to deliver last-mile orders. Orders under the radius of 3-5 km will be delivered through this mode. The delivery team would be provided with geared bikes to carry packages of up to 7.5 kg per trip.


“Being conscious of the environment we live in, reducing carbon footprint is the need of the hour,” Samuel Thomas, transportation director at Amazon India said. “We have taken this eco-friendly step by introducing bicycle deliveries, which also helps delivery associates with easier access in congested metro cities.

 Started in Mumbai last month, cycle deliveries have now expanded to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai. The company is also looking to expand this to more cities in the near future.

Amazon has been experimenting with interesting ideas to adapt to the Indian markets unique challenges. It had recently promoted its seller arm through Chai Carts, in which Amazon representatives had set up tea stalls at crowded areas and talked to prospective sellers over cups of tea.