Here’s How Anil Ambani Works Out In Public On Marine Drive In Mumbai

If you’re from Mumbai, you’d know that Marine Drive in the mornings is a delight. There’s no better place to jog, work out, or simply watch the sun gracefully rise up from beyond the ocean. And that’s true even if you’re worth Rs. 20,000 crore and can probably get the best of gyms installed in your home.

Reliance ADA Group Chairman Anil Ambani is a regular at Marine Drive in the mornings. He’s dressed in his work out gear, and jogs and exercises amongst Mumbai’s teeming masses.


And this is something Ambani is serious about – he’s an avid runner, and has run every Mumbai half marathon since its inception. His time last year was a seriously impressive 1 hour and 37 minutes over the 21.1 km distance.

While Ambani’s workout at Marine Drive is accompanied by a security person, it still is fairly normal. He is after all in Mumbai, and people are used to seeing celebrities amongst themselves. Locals do little other than cast the occasional curious glance at the business magnate, before hurriedly going back to doing their own routines.

And Anil Ambani doing reps with them shows that no matter how rich you are, there’s always room for the little joys in life.