Boycott GoAir Trends As Cabin Crew Member Tweets Abuses Against Hindu Gods

Indian domestic airline Go Air finds itself in the middle of an internet fury as one of its alleged cabin members was caught making incendiary anti-Hindu remarks and hurting religious sentiments.

A person who identified himself as a cabin crew member at GoAir was caught sending tweets that were abusive against the Hindu Gods and the Hindu Mythology. The tweet came last night by an Asif Khan and was widely exposed today morning triggering a trend #boycottgoair with over 14,000 tweets on the topic. The tweet in question makes a lewd comment against the sacred Hindu gods of Ram and Sita. 


Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 3.54.51 PM

As per his Twitter bio, the handle identified himself as an employee of Go Air airlines and his tweet was flagged to the company. 

The user has since deactivated his profile and GoAir has put out a prompt statement that it is trying to establish the identity of Asif Khan and if indeed he is an employee of the company.  “GoAir has a zero tolerance policy and it is mandatory for all GoAir employees to comply with the company’s employment rules, including social media behaviour.” the company said in a Twitter statement.

This trend comes in just as the aviation sector looks to revive itself after a two month lockdown in India in the wake of Covid19. As the airline would realise, it may not have a personal responsibility for the tweets of its employees, but that would not keep an internet backlash against the company for their offensive political and personal views.  A confirmation from the company whether the employee indeed works at the airlines is awaited and we will update the story as it comes.

Update: As of 9:43pm, GoAir has confirmed that Asif Khan was a trainee First officer with the airlines,  and has duly terminated the employee.