Cafe Coffee Day Partners With Swiggy To Deliver Coffee To Your Doorstep

While a lot can happen over coffee, sometimes it’s difficult to make coffee happen. However, ordering a cuppa might have just got simpler. India’s largest cafe chain, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) has just announced a tie up with food-delivery startup Swiggy to deliver coffee and other select cafe items.

The news comes in as the company has been trying to build excitement for the announcement on its social media channels with cryptic messages like this.

This could be seen as a strategic move by CCD to leverage the spurt of food tech startups in the city, and stay relevant in a market where the choicest food and beverages are available at a click. The company had recently rolled its IPO. This news comes in a time when recently one of CCD’s erstwhile rivals Barista was reported to be on the market having been suffering loss making operations.

According to official reports, the company’s expecting 10-15% of its overall revenue from the home-delivery arm. CCD’s main competitior TATA-backed Starbucks already partners with Swiggy for home deliveries, and CCD’s addition will be a direct competition to exclusive coffee and cafe menu-delivery startups like DropKaffe and Chaipoint. 

CCD will roll out the initiative starting with Bangalore – home city to both CCD and Swiggy – with 50 designated cafes where Swiggy’s ground team will pick up the orders, placed through the Swiggy app. What remains to be the seen is the packaging that CCD will employ for the delivery of the temperature-sensitive beverage. 

Looks like the F&B options for the office going folks just got another star addition to ensure caffeine filled meetings.