18 Cabs Impounded In Delhi On First Day Of Surge Ban; Citizens Complain Of Commuting Woes


The Delhi government had yesterday announced that it had banned surge pricing in the city, and it seems to be quite serious about implementing its ruling. 18 cabs belonging to Uber and Ola were impounded in the city today for overcharging customers.

“We impounded 18 vehicles of Ola and Uber for over-charging and permit violation,” Transport Minister Gopal Rai told reporters. “The action was taken after commuters complained on the helpline provided by the Delhi government,” Rai said.

Commuters meanwhile have had a mixed reaction to the diktat. While some people seemed relieved that they’d no longer have to pay higher surge prices on Uber and Ola, others complained that it had become hard to find cabs in the city.

Uber for its part sent SMSes explaining why there were fewer cabs on roads, and slyly implied that it was because of the government’s decision. Both Ola and Uber have maintained that surge pricing discounts prices during non-peak hours, and enables more cabs to be on roads during peak hours.

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While it’s still early days for the policy, two things are clear from the first day – the Delhi government, unlike other states,  is serious about its implementation, and it secondly, it still remains to be seen if it will ultimately help commuters in the state.