You Don’t Need To Carry Your Drivers License Anymore, Thanks To New Govt. App

A Drivers License was something that marked your passage into adulthood. As soon as you as you’d acquired one, you’d carry it in your wallet for basically the rest of your life. But with the Indian government trying to make rapid strides into the 21st century, that old laminated bit of paper might soon be history.

The Indian government will now allow motorists to upload their driving licenses and registration certificates on DigiLocker, its secure digital cloud storage service. If requested by a traffic police official, motorists can show them the digital version on the DigiLocker app. Traffic officials too will have an app to verify documents from official records.

DigiLocker was launched last year, and allows upto 1GB of storage to store certificates, voter ID cards, and PAN cards. It uses the Aadhar Card for authentication.

The Indian government has been making a strong push into digitization, and this latest effort could do wonders if it takes off. Millions of drivers across India could be saved the necessity of carrying around bulky physical copies of licenses. Governments are usually accused of trying to lighten your wallet by taking your money through taxes — this government is doing it in a whole different way.