Elon Musk Might’ve Just Created A Company Of What Many Thought Was Just A Twitter Joke

Four months ago, Elon Musk had sent out the following series of tweets:

Two hours later, he’d tweeted this.


People had laughed then at what was an obvious joke. Musk is a pretty prolific tweeter, and one does tend to ramble when stuck in traffic. Musk also heads Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, so it’s not as though he’s twiddling his thumbs, looking for companies to set up. And no one starts a company because they came up with a clever pun.

But no is is like Elon Musk.

It turns out either Musk wasn’t kidding about his new company, or he is trolling people at a scale that was previously thinkable, because people have just reported seeing this in the SpaceX office.



The companies cool stuff I see outside the office. Can’t wait to see some tunnels! #theboringcompany #workperks

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There is currently a large cylinder in the SpaceX office which says ‘The Boring Company.” Large cylinders are also used to dig tunnels. Here’s it from another angle.



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It appears that Musk doesn’t only have the company set up — the Boring Company has a logo with a blacked out circle as the O — but it’s also seems to have massive equipment designed, for, well, boring. Either Musk had been thinking about the idea for a while and made the most low-key company announcement four months ago via those tweets, or he’s actually followed up on an idea he had while stuck in traffic. Which is incredible either way.  Like most things with Musk.

So it’s official — after electric cars, space exploration, solar energy, and connecting human minds with thought, Musk is embarking on a new passion — tunnels.