Exclusive: Newly Appointed Flipkart CPO Punit Soni To Leave Company

Flipkart’s new CEO appointment and its subsequent management rejig has had an unexpected fallout – Chief Product Officer and former Google executive Punit Soni shall be soon leaving the company. When contacted, Soni said that he couldn’t talk about the matter at the moment. OfficeChai has confirmed the news from several highly placed sources.


 Soni had appeared to have taken in well to working in an Indian company. He’d been blogging about his experiences in India, and while he’d found the traffic in Bangalore hard to adjust to, he’d been captivated by India’s startup exuberance and enthusiasm. He’d also become a popular figure on social media, sharing selfies with his teammates during the Big Billion Day Sale. He’d also delivered packages during that period along with other Flipkart senior executives.

Punit Soni Flipkart

Soni had left for a vacation to Hawaii on 15th December last year. When he returned to India on 5th January, his penned down a pensive blogpost titled Melancholy. “Life has many ups and downs. More downs than ups. Someone rightly said that behind each success are countless disappointments, failures and struggles. Each down teaches you more about yourselves than you can imagine.”, he’d written.

Soni’s brief tenure at Flipkart had ended at a time when the company is undergoing great change. With a new CEO in place, there is speculation that Sachin Bansal is concentrating on Flipkart’s IPO, which could be one of the biggest listings ever for an Indian startup. But it also throws up questions of how Silicon Valley imports, who the Indian startup industry had been courting in droves last year, will fare in the our ecosystem.

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Update: Flipkart contacted OfficeChai claiming the story was “baseless and untrue”. We, however, stand by it as of this time.

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