Facebook Is Currently Down For Millions Of Users, But There’s A Simple Way To Get It To Work

Millions of people around the world are currently unable to hear of updates of their friends’ weddings or view pictures of cats.

Facebook appears to be down for many of its 2 billion users, who’ve now taken to alternate forms of social media to voice their displeasure. Twitter, in particular, is currently full of posts complaining about the outage.

Some people didn’t seem particularly concerned.

While others found an opportunity to dish out life advice.

The outage appears most concentrated around Europe, with scatted reports around India. Europe appeared particularly hard hit, with #FacebookDown being the top Twitter trend in Italy.



The outage, however, appears confined to Chrome users. Several users pointed that that Facebook wasn’t working at all on Chrome, or lagging. As captured by this Twitter user however, it seems to be working on mobile.

And even on desktop, there appear to be a easy fixes to get it to work — simply opening the browser in incognito makes it load, as does holding Shift while refreshing the page. Since the outage appears confined to Chrome, switching browsers should help restore the familiar blue-white timeline.