Fired TinyOwl Employees Keep Cofounder Hostage In Office 36 Hours

The food tech crisis is getting messier. After TinyOwl’s second round of layoffs in as many months in which the company let go of a hundred employees and shut down several city offices, the company sent its senior to deliver the news in a “human” way. When cofounder Gaurav Choudhary reached the Pune office, he realized he’d got more than what he bargained for – he couldn’t get out.


According to a report on Medianama, enraged employees of the company have been holding him hostage for the last day and a half. The employees fear that they won’t be paid their salaries, in spite of the assurances from the management. Employees allege that people laid off last month have still not been paid.

Mood at the office is distinctly bitter. “Don’t trust IITians” is scribbled on a whiteboard, referring to the 24-year old cofounders who are graduates of IIT Bombay. Some employees allege that the cofounder was staying in the Hyatt while the company was struggling to pay their salaries. The employees also claim that the company splurged lakhs on unnecessary stickers and promotional materials while being unable to pay their salaries.

Things at the office are getting tense, with police and local politicians entering the fray. “I don’t feel secure here, I want to go out”, Chaudhary told police when they arrived. The cofounder was reportedly on the verge of tears.

Read the detailed report here.

Update: It appears that employees aren’t the only people at TinyOwl concerned about payments. This was what a supplier wrote today on their facebook page.

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