Flipkart Announces Generous Benefits For Staff Who Adopt Kids

After regaling Indian consumers with their breathtaking discounts and services, Flipkart is now aiming to do the same for its employees. Just last week, the company had announced a benefits package for its pregnant employees that was amongst the most generous in the Indian corporate space. Now it has revealed that it will provide allowance and leave benefits to staff who adopt children.




The company announced that it would provide a Rs. 50,000 allowance to employees who are looking to adopt children, to offset the legal and agency costs of the adoption process.Women who adopt a child who’s under 12 months of age would get the same benefits as those under Flipkart’s maternity leave policy, which involve 6 months of paid leave and 4 months of flexible working hours. Men who adopt a kid can avail of 6 weeks of paid adoption leave along with 4 weeks of flexible working hours. In addition to this, the company will allow employees to take an additional unpaid 3 months off, with a guarantee of being absorbed into the same role that they’d left.

These developments reflect Flipkart’s growing social consciousness, which now seems to be in line with global tech giants ranging from Google, which recently ran a video that talked about transgender people, to Facebook, which actively supported the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriages. Flipkart has also recently brought into its ranks a bevy of executives from Silicon Valley, which have included ex-Googlers Punit Soni and Peeyush Ranjan. It’s plausible that these new recruits have helped in shaping the company’s culture and perks along global lines.

These benefits and perks being offered to employees are a heartening sign of maturity within India’s tech ecosystem. And it’s only fitting that its greatest success story, Flipkart, is leading the way.