GoDaddy Launches Personal Domains To Capture Small Businesses

Website domain and hosting provider giant GoDaddy has now launched Personal Domains, a feature for small businesses and individuals to strengthen their digital assets.

godaddy personal domains

Under this, one can buy a URL of choice from GoDaddy normally, but instead of going to a conventional website, this could be linked to their social media page like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Simply put, a personalised URL like, could simply redirect to the Facebook or other social media page of a business. The move underscores the increasing role of social media in not just being an engagement platform, but also as a substitute to a fully-fledge ecommerce website too. 

This feature could likely help those businesses that conduct their business mainly through social media channels. Social media influencers are a good use case for this. Even housewives and other non  web-savvy entrepreneurs can potentially benefit from this. Since having a website address is considered a professional requirement and using a usually long Facebook address is rather inelegant and unprofessional, this seems to be a good make-do solution.

Speaking about the launch, Rajiv Sodhi, spokesperson told ET, “With Internet penetration at an all-time high in India, increasingly people want to build and gain greater control of their online identity, today more than ever. For many customers, while their social media presence reflects who they are, they want an online address that represents their individual brand or their online persona as well. Others intend to build a website in future, and want a unique address to point to their social media presence for their brand to stand out for the short-term. A personal domain is an incredibly easy way to connect your domain name to a social media or other website, and consolidate your online presence”.