Google Assistant On Allo Is A Hilarious Genius: Check Out Some Of Her Gems

Google has just unleashed its latest offering Allo – an app-based messenger on the world. Here are Google assistant’s funniest best answers.

But what the world is having a riot about instead is the Google Assistant, Allo’s resident AI assistant and Google’s answer to Siri.

Google Assistant is smart, witty, and like its parent knows all the answers. She helps you find nearest restaurants, movie showings, and also doubles up as that hilarious and witty friend who’s always around you never had.

Here’s some of the best answers by Google Assistant as shared by users within the first day of Allo’s launch.

1. Star Wars, she likes



Google assistant best answers
via @rajesh_ny

2. The magic of Game Of Thrones isn’t lost on her either



3. She doesn’t some some

Google assistant
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4. She’s looking out for you

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.40.26 AM


5. She is not insecure about competition, in fact appreciative of it

google assistant best answers
via @rajesh_ny

6.  Though she’s definitely more ‘Googley’

Google assistant best answers
via @vishjar


7. She can talk about politics with more diplomacy than politicians

Google assistant best answers
via @v_shakthi


8.  She understands the importance of dogs.

Google assistant best answers
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9. Only if people could handle relationship questions with as much elan.

google allo answers
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9. She delivers puns with a punch

Google assistant best answers
via @Sabari_says

10. And can be quite a troll

google allo witty replies
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11. She’s the genius friend you never had.

Google assistant best answers
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12.  Though she can quite turn up her party hat, quite literally

Google assistant best answers
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