Google’s Decided. The Latest Android OS Won’t be Called Neyappam Or Nankhatai

Ending all speculation about what Google’s latest Android operating system would be called, the tech giant has announced the name. The Android N will be called “Nougat”.

Keeping the tradition of naming its Android OS in an alphabetical order (Making for some foreshadowing for Google’s name change to Alphabet), and after popular desserts, the Nougat is named after the French confectionery of the same name. The name was decided after Google had welcomed suggestions from the public on the same.

Google revealed the name with a Snapchat video from the unveiling event at the Googleplex, Mountain View.

Indian fans the world over may just be a tad disappointed with the name as they had hoped that the 14th Android could finally be named after an Indian sweet. When Sundar Pichai took the reins as CEO last year, Indians had hoped for the Chennai born to put his Indian roots to good use. Suggestions had poured in from naming the Android to “Nan Khatai” to the South Indian “Neyappam.” Google though has opted for the more global Nougat.

It’s not just the Indians that may be disappointed.

As Verge reports, the release, initially announced in March and currently on its second (and mostly stable) beta, brings new features like an improved notification shade and split-screen multitasking to the mobile OS, while also improving on features like Doze that came with Marshmallow last year. The release also has Daydream, Google’s new VR platform, baked in, though it’ll only be supported by Daydream-ready handsets running the OS.