Prominent Investor Zishaan Hayath Accuses Grofers Of Cheating Customers

Prominent angel investor Zishaan Hayath has claimed that Grofers delivery boys are cheating consumers by creating fake bills. In a Facebook post, Hayath said that his mother made a large order from Grofers which included 3 packets of pulses. However the delivery boy only got them 2 packets, but the bill was of the same amount as his order. The store had generated a bill with different prices such that the order totaled to the same amount.

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The bill to the left is the order on the Grofers app, which shows Moong Dal priced at Rs. 97, Toor Dal priced at Rs. 236 and Masoor dal priced at Rs. 79. The three items sum up to Rs. 412. The bill on the right is the bill generated from 90 Minutes Retails Pvt. Limited, the store that serviced the order. It shows the price of the Moong Dal has risen to Rs. 113 from Rs. 97, and the price of the Toor dal has risen from Rs. 236 to Rs. 299. Curiously, these 2 figures also add up to the original bill amount of Rs. 412.The Masoor dal doesn’t show up on this bill at all. 

When his mother discovered the missing Masoor dal, the delivery boy was flustered and said “”Forget this ma’am. I will get you all your stuff. Forget this.” Later in the day, he delivered the third packet of pulses.

 Hayath’s post seems to imply that Grofers delivery boys are generating fake bills with fewer items and the same bill amount to fool unsuspecting customers. “This was not negligence where the delivery boy left behind one of the items in the order. This is deliberate cheating where prices were changed and bills were fudged.”, his post says.

Grofers has raised $165 million in 4 funding rounds so far and has Tiger Global, Sequoia and Softbank among its investors. Earlier this year, it had acquired food tech company Spoonjoy and logistics provider Townrush. Zishan Hayath is the founder of online test preparation provider Toppr and also has investments in the logistics industry, including personal investments in Pickingo and Shadowfax.

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