Housing Appoints Cofounder Snehil Buxy As Chief Product Officer

Housing.com has appointed Snehil Buxy as its Chief Product Officer. Buxy was a part of the original 12 member founding team of Housing. The 26 year old is also close to former CEO Rahul Yadav.

Within Housing, Buxy had played key roles, including leading the front-end team and spearheading product development. In his new role, he will be looking to focus on creating disruptive products and solutions that will leapfrog the company. ““My mission going forward is to continue to drive the creation of revolutionary product with the aim of making Housing the most trusted, transparent and efficient place for buying and selling homes,” said Buxy in a statement.


Housing’s reins has been taken over by outside hires following a period of turmoil last year. Rahul Yadav, the CEO, had been fired by the board after repeated spats with his investors and the media. Rishabh Gupta, another one of the 12 cofounders, had been named interim CEO, but had been replaced after 3 months by outsider and industry veteran Jason Kothari. 

Kothari welcomed the new Chief Product Officer. “”Being one of the co-founders and a creator of the original visionary Housing.com product, Snehil allows us to go back to our roots. With Snehil comes a deep understanding of the real estate market, ingenuity and a true passion to make a difference. I am confident he will play a key role in the future success of Housing.”

Housing has a troubled end to 2015, having fired 800 employees from its workforce.