IBM Charged A Company Rs. 9.5 Crore For An App. This Developer Just Made It In 4 Mins.

It’s no secret that large scale software contracts are often hideously overpriced, but this takes the cake. The US government airport security agency got IBM to create an app to direct passengers at airports. The app didn’t do something particularly complicated – it randomly directed people in queues left or right on the press of a button.

You’d expect a freelancer to do a project like that in a few days tops, but large corporations do things differently. As a part of the contract, IBM built the app at a price tag of USD 1.4 million. (Rs. 9.5 crore.) 

Ex-IBM employee Sandesh Suvarna wasn’t pleased. In an effort to put forth the ridiculousness of the price paid by for the app, he decided to make it himeslf. And he wouldn’t code the app in the obscurity of his own home – he decided to make the app live while on Youtube.

In a video posted today morning, Sandesh shows how he makes the app in 4 minutes flat. 

While the process does look complex to a layman, coders will attest to how simple it really is. After a few quick taps on they keyboard, the app is ready. It does exactly what was required – point left or right on the press of a button.

Had Sandesh been paid IBM rates for this app, he’d be making Rs. 63 lakh…an hour. Freelancers – 1, Large corporations – 0.