An Indian Company Is Inviting Applications For A Paid Ice Cream Taster Position

There are dream jobs and then there’s this.

An Indian company is – seriously – looking for 5 ice cream tasters whose job it will be to eat ice creams. Havmor Ice Creams, which is based out of Ahmedabad, wants to hire five Chief Tasting Officers who will be tasked with coming up with new flavours of ice cream.

ice cream taster job india


And apart from the obvious perk of getting paid to eat ice cream, the job pays well too. Selected candidates will be paid Rs. 40,000 for their “time and expertise”, and will also win an all-expenses paid trip to Havmor’s ice cream production factory. If that wasn’t enough, Havmor will also pamper its Chief Tasting Officers with free supplies of ice cream for a year.

“Havmor is known for its unique and innovative offerings and with an increasing demand for unique and new flavors, we have embarked on a journey to engage with the end-consumer directly to involve them in the process of introducing new flavors,” said Havmor MD Ankit Chona. “The most deserving candidates will be an integral part of the Havmor family and will work closely with our teams to develop never tasted before ice cream flavors.”

“Ice cream taster” isn’t a completely oddball job – ice cream tasting is a lucrative profession in the US, which can earn professionals as much as $100,000 (Rs. 65 lakh per year). Havmor will select candidates based on the video applications they send in, which will indicate their passion for the job. The job requirements are also stringent. “Someone who’s ready to eat a whole tub of ice cream in the name of research,” is one of the conditions, as is “Someone who will taste a gazillion flavours & ingredients.”

Modern jobs can have many downsides — there’s stress, long commutes, and long hours. It’s rare for a job’s only side effect to crippling early-onset diabetes, but in this case, it might just be worth it.