Iceland Football Commentator Loses Job Over Passionate Commentary During Euro 2016

Most jobs require one to be passionate and enthusiastic. Some can cause the loss of a job for precisely those traits.

An Irish commentator learnt it the hard way. Gudmundur Benediktsson whose commentary during the EURO Iceland-Austria match went viral lost his day job as an assistant manager at a local football club 4 days after the match.

Benediktsson started screaming and jumping in excitement during commentary when his home country got a lead in the final minutes of the Iceland-Austria game.  His commentary has been described as one of the most memorable minutes of commentary in football history.

However, his happiness lasted a short while as after coming back to his home country, he had to give up his job, for reasons which are not very clear.

“From my first day on the job as coach of KR I have focused on the interests of the club as a priority,” said Gudjonsson. “After a bad start to the season I, along with the board, concluded that it is in the interests of the team that I resign. I am grateful to the KR board for having trusted in me for the training team. KR’s future is bright and I am confident that the team will get back to the top, where it belongs, before long.”, Benediktsson said as was reported by the Guardian.

From being described as “Hilariously losing control” to losing his job within a span of 4 days, the hapless commentator probably didn’t see this coming.