2016 To See Hiring Grow By 7%; IT To Lead  

According to a survey by TimesJobs.com, hiring in India is likely to grow by 7% in 2016. Among sectors, IT, telecom and manufacturing would be the biggest employment generators.

The survey was carried out among 1,614 employers across the country. About 60% of employers surveyed said they were planning to recruit more staff in the coming year. Nearly 25% organisations surveyed said IT and telecom will hire the maximum number of people, while 20% forecast manufacturing will be the top employment generator. Over 17% organisations voted for infrastructure and 15% for healthcare.



According to 26% of the companies surveyed, sales and business development professionals will be the most sought after. Another 25% organisations forecast said there will be increased demand for marketing professionals. For 20% organisations, IT professionals will be the focus area that will see maximum demand.

The India Skills Report 2016 released a few weeks ago had forecast an increase of 14.5% in hiring outlook for the coming year. Among sectors, retail, e-commerce, transport and logistics, telecom, pharma and healthcare were expected to lead the numbers with over 25% increase in hiring followed by banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) at 15-25%.