Meet Miip, InMobi’s Animated Monkey That Serves Ads

An animated monkey character that follows you from app to app, watches what you’re doing and suggests products that you might want to buy has been born!

Bengaluru-based ad technology company InMobi has launched a revolutionary new product that carries the potential to disrupt mobile advertising as we know it today.




The venue for the launch was none other than San Francisco, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge with over 500 people in attendance. The Inmobi office was also decked up for the occasion.

Miip builds on the mobile advertising network that InMobi has created since its founding in 2007, and which now rivals Google and Facebook in its reach. With the new platform, InMobi understands what a user is viewing in a mobile app, curate content in real-time that is relevant to what the user is viewing, and serve it instantly and relatively unobtrusively in the app. So, if you are viewing an article about party dresses in a fashion blog, you could find a set of party dresses from a slew of retailers at the end of the article.

The Miip ads will begin appearing in 40,000 apps on Wednesday, and InMobi hopes to eventually convert most of the 200 million ads served by its network each month to the format.

Miip has been launched in the US now and will be launched in India and China over the next few weeks.

InMobi co-founder Naveen Tewari described the new platform as revolutionary. Ads were till now optimized for the publisher and advertiser. With Miip, we are putting the consumer at the centre of advertising,” Tewari said. He said customer engagement level on Miip was 25% as compared to 1% for banner ads.

The Miip technology has won support from InMobi’s biggest investor, Softbank of Japan, which has put $200 million into the company.

It has also been reported that Google is in early talks to buy out InMobi. InMobi is likely be valued at around $1 billion.