Jig Saw Founder Aditya CS Was Publicly Asking People Where To Buy Voodoo Dolls Weeks Before It Was Sent To Stayzilla Founders

Stayzilla founder Yogi Vasupal was arrested by the police late last evening on charges of defrauding vendors to whom his company owed money. While in prison, Vasupal had managed to publish a blogpost detailing how he was being harassed by his creditors, Jig Saw Advertising and his landlord. In one instance, he’d mentioned how a voodoo doll, commonly used in black magic, had been posted to his cofounder Sachit Singhi’s home. Chillingly, lying next to the doll was a picture of Singhi’s young son.


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The doll was presumably sent as a veiled threat by someone looking to intimidate the Stayzilla founders. Now it turns out Aditya CS from Jig Saw, the company that claims Stayzilla owes it Rs. 1.56 crore, was looking for voodoo dolls to buy on Chennai Shopping Facebook groups on 26th February. In his post, he claimed that a “friend needs (it) for a shoot.”


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The timelines also appear to coincide. Sachit Singhi had said in an email to his investors that the doll was delivered to his home on 12th March – exactly 14 days after Aditya CS’s posts in which he’d wanted to buy a voodoo doll.

If Aditya CS had indeed sent the doll, it would provide further evidence of strong-arm and coercive tactics used by Jig Saw in trying to recoup its dues from Stayzilla. Interestingly, both parties have accused each other of using intimidation. Jig Saw had filed an FIR with the police claiming that the Stayzilla founders had threatened it with dire consequences if they continued demanding their money.

But this latest bit of information doesn’t look good for Jig Saw – it would have to be a massive coincidence if Aditya CS really wanted to use a voodoo doll for a shoot, 2 weeks before it was received by the Stayzilla cofounder. And it goes on to show that how public – and permanent – information on the web really is. Social media never forgets; social media never forgives.