Man Demands Compensation From Ex-Employer For Being ‘Bored Out’ Of His Job

Frédéric Desnard, 44, from Paris, has accused his ex-employer of boring him with mind-numbingly dull tasks over a four-year period. And, believe it or not, demanded a compensation of € 360,000 ($ 416,380). He has stated that his employer, eminent perfume company Interparfums, stripped him of his managerial role and instead foisted mind-numbingly dull tasks on him. As a result, he suffered from ‘bore out’ together with various health problems, including epilepsy, ulcers, sleep problems and serious depression.


Desnard was fired from his job in November 2014 after seven months’ sick leave. He had served in the company for eight years. Desnard’s lawyer said the company’s aim was to bore him to death so that they could fire him without redundancy payments or other compensation. However, a lawyer for the company said there were serious inconsistencies in his claims for which he had no proof. “He never said anything about being bored during the four-year period. And if he actually had nothing to do over these years, why didn’t he mention it?” the lawyer added.

An employment tribunal would be hearing the case on May 9, 2016. It would be interesting to watch how the case proceeds as the term ‘bore out’ is not recognised by French law.