Modi’s Decision On Currency Notes Has Won Him The Grudging Admiration Of Even His Detractors

India’s political climate is famously polariazed. Party allegiances are often lines drawn firmly in the sand, and irrespective of ramifications, decisions are often greeted with cheers or derision, based on which side of the line people stand. But Narendra Modi’s historic decision to discontinue Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes has been different.

Across social media, longtime Modi detractors are showing grudging admiration for his bold move. On Twitter, lots of people confess they aren’t traditional Modi supporters, but can give credit where credit is due.


Reddit too saw its share of people who were Modi skeptics, but were firmly behind the decision.

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It’s literally impossible to remember the last time this happened – someone on the internet admitting that a policy change has helped them change their minds, and their votes. But that’s what bold decisions can do. Modi has put his neck out and taken a step most other would not have dared, and is winning the admiration of people across the political divide.